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Product Guarantee:

We purchase our Cuban cigars from the only Canadian certified merchant – Havana House. We sell all brands of Cuban cigars and non-Cuban product with a clear Guarantee, and this you can see when placing your order with us, everything is clear and concise!

Real Cuban cigars are an absolute pleasure to smoke! Be careful there are counterfeit Cuban cigars everywhere!

We are not saying we are the only source of Cuban cigars you can trust online, there are a few others, but there are many online retailers that boast they carry Cuban cigars. However, the numbers of authorized dealers are few, please be thorough and careful when purchasing cigars online; purchase from respected authorized dealers.

Our prices are the most competitive prices for real Cuban cigars in Canada and backed by the best guarantee!

Our Guarantee to you our Valued Customer:

We also guarantee the authenticity of all of our Cuban product.

We store all our cigars in walk-in humidors, which are monitored daily to assure temperature is at between 68-70 degrees and humidity is at 68-72%. This allows the perfect environment for proper aging and storage of all our cigars.


No “Grey-Market” Cubans. Ever!

We DO NOT remove serial numbers from our original Cuban cigar boxes. All Cuban cigars can be verified and authenticated with serial numbers on outside of boxes at:


Delivery Guarantee:

We package your order with the utmost care to guarantee your cigars arrive in perfect condition. We also ship in original sealed boxes.

We guarantee your shipment will arrive at your destination. If your shipment does not arrive, please Contact Us and we will re-ship your order at no cost!






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