Alec Bradley Sanctum Toro

Alec Bradley Sanctum Toro


The Alec Bradley Sanctum  is the brainchild of company executive vice president Ralph Montero, who carefully oversaw the project. The name Sanctum is simply intended to refer to the personal time devoted to the enjoyment of the cigar. However, the Sanctum blend moves away from the earthier cigars that Alec Bradley has traditionally released and aspires to be a more rounded smoke. This was achieved by the combination of a Honduran Corojo wrapper, Costa Rican binder and a multination filler. All together, it amounts to a four-country blend of tobaccos that culminate beautifully  this cigar starts mild, but intensifies to show a diverse but harmonious range of flavors from white pepper and cinnamon to vanilla bean and almond paste.


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  • Specifications

    Body: Mild-Medium

    Size: Robusto

    Ring Gauge: 52

    Length: 6"

    Filler: Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras

    Binder: Costa Rica

    Wrapper: Honduras