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Casa Magna Colorado Gran Toro

Casa Magna Colorado Gran Toro


Manuel Quesada has joined with his good friend Nestor Plasencia to create a full-body Nicaraguan Puro. Having high regard for Nestors great Nicaraguan tobaccos, the two have now collaborated to bring you a cigar that is rivaled by none. It is blended with the best Cuban Seed Ligero and Visos from all the major growing regions in Nicaragua. The special Ligero Cuban Seed Colorado wrapper is cured in a calfrisa. Calfrisas are curing barns that are temperature controlled and have air circulators to ensure a beautiful oily wrapper with a very even color. The binders and wrappers are all selected to make a blend that is full-bodied and full-flavored without being harsh. 



  • Specifications

    Body: Medium-Full

    Size: Toro

    Ring Gauge: 58

    Length:  6  

    Filler: Nicaragua

    Binder: Nicaragua

    Wrapper: Nicaragua

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