Cohiba Piramides Extra

Cohiba Piramides Extra


Pirámides Extra is an addition to the Línea Clásica of Cohiba. This vitola includes a new Cohiba band with innovative design and security elements.

The introduction of Cohiba Pirámides Extra is designed to complete the range within the Línea Clásica, the first line created in the Cohiba brand. Pirámides Extra introduces the characteristic Línea Clásica´s medium to full flavor, produced as Totalmente a mano Tripa larga- totally handmade with long filler-, using the “selection of the selection” from the best tobacco plantations in San Juan y Martínez* (D.O.P.) and San Luis* (D.O.P.), in the Vuelta Abajo*  zone (D.O.P.) within the Pinar del Río region* (D.O.P.) in Cuba. Made with the Línea Clásica blend, compriseng Volado , Seco  and Ligero , these two last types of leaves have had the additional fermentation which is unique of Cohiba.



  • Specification

    Vitola -  Figurato - ( Torpedo )

    Ring - 54

    Length - 6 1/8

    Binder - Cuban

    Filler - Cuban

    Wrapper - Ciban