Cuaba Distinguidos

Cuaba Distinguidos


The Cuaba name originates from the Taino indians, the indigenous inhabitants of Cuba before the Spanish discovered the island in the fifteenth century. A cuaba was the type of bush the Tainos used to light their cigars. Every Cuaba is made in the distinctive shape known as a double figurado, a popular format in the 19th century. When Cuaba was introduced in 1996, it was offered in only four smaller sizes. Since 2003, though, Habanos has released three much larger vitolas.


The Disctinguidos is a  symmetrically crafted figurado with tapers at both ends of the cigar. It draws and burns evenly offering medium-bodied flavors of roasted coffee bean, earth and a floral finish

  • Specifications

    Size: Figurado

    Ring:  52

    Lenght: 6 5/8

    Filler: Cuba

    Binder: Cuba

    Wrapper: Cuba

    Country: Cuba