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Partagas Lucitania

Partagas Lucitania


The Partagás Lusitania has been around long enough to be considered one of Cuba's iconic and classic cigars.  Double coronas like the Lusitania require a particularly large, pristine tobacco leaf to fully cover all seven and a half inches of the cigar.  Inconsistent crops and poor weather in the last few years have created a bit of a shortage of large, high-quality wrapper leaf in Cuba. This did not stop Cuba from producing fantastic Lusitanias.

 These Lusitanias begin floral and sweet before imparting layers of leather, cedar and almonds.

  • Specifications

    Body: Medium-Full

    Size: Double Corona 

    Ring Gauge: 49

    Length:7 5/8

    Filler: Cuba

    Binder: Cuba

    Wrapper: Cuba

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