Psyko Seven Gordo

Psyko Seven Gordo


Disconnect from chaos and commotion, medicate your mind with PSyKo SEVEN. Fade away with an exclusive blend of seven tobaccos from six countries expertly crafted in the Dominican Republic. Experience the unexpected juxtapositions of PSyKo SEVEN: a clean white box opens to reveal a blood red interior; a smooth start leads to a bold finish.

Drop out, tune in, and light up an experience unlike any other.


Box of 20 

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  • Specifications

    Body: Mild-Medium

    Size: Grande

    Ring Gauge: 60

    Length: 6"

    Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Dom. Rep., Peru, U.S.A./Penn. Broadleaf

    Binder: Mexico

    Wrapper: Dom. Rep.