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Trinidad Topes

Trinidad Topes


Trinidad is one of the anomalies within Cuba's collection of cigar brands. It started as a commercially unavailable cigar reserved for diplomats and dignitaries. Once the brand was released to the public in 1998, it came in one long, thin size called Fundadores. Then the brand expanded by adding a few more vitolas, only to contract afterward by deleting sizes in 2012.

The Topes, which measures 4 7/8 inches long by 56 ring gauge, might look familiar, as the size first appeared as a 2016 Edición Limitada. Now it’s part of the regular-production lineup of Trinidad. The Media Luna is a smaller smoke, which measures 4 1/2 by 50. Both cigars have the pigtail cap—a hallmark of the Trinidad brand—and each cigar comes in boxes of 12.


Box of 12 cigars

Out of Stock
  • Specifications

    Body: Medium - Full 

    Size:  Robusto

    Ring Gauge: 56

    Length: 4 7/8

    Filler: Cuba

    Binder: Cuba

    Wrapper: Cuba

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