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In the 21 years since The Big Smoke opened, the most noticeable sales increase in recent years has come from Nicaraguan cigars. It took some years for the country and industry to recover from the long civil war, but once the tobacco fields were cleared of mines and curing barns returned to their former use (rather than military barracks) the industry has seen a huge resurgence.


Premium brands such as My Father (producer of Las Antillas Toro, Cigar Aficionado’s No 1 rated cigar of 2012); Padron, Torano, Joya de Nicaragua, and Perdomo are a testimony to this. The soil, climate, and heritage of the farmers lend themselves to producing prized cigar tobacco in three regions: Esteli, Jalapa, and Condega. Indeed, three of Cigar Bodega’s house brands originate in Nicaragua.