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Moist N Sure  Cabinet Humidor Large

Moist N Sure Cabinet Humidor Large


This commercial humidor is heavy duty all metal container with powerfull fan .  The digital controller allows you to maintain humidity at whatever level you desire.    The humidity sensor is built into the unit so no sensor wires to worry about.   This unit is perfect for large cabinet humidors, or small humidor rooms and closets.  Just add distilled water, plug it in and set the humidification parameters . There are three models to choose from.


Wholesale enquiries invited.

  • Specifications

    Size:    14 X 8 X 9 inches

    Model YC 100(4.0) - double grid - fill through the grid at back.

    Model YC 100 (4.2)  - auto fill attach to water supply

    Model YC 100 (4.3) - has a round fill opening to fill  water


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