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Indian Head Rough Rider Maduro Robusto

Indian Head Rough Rider Maduro Robusto


Certainly! Indian Head Rough Rider Sweets cigars pay homage to motorcycle culture, offering a smooth smoking experience with a sweetened tip. These cigars feature a silky Maduro wrapper and a long filler blend of Cuban-seed tobacco, including piloto Cubano and Criollo 98. The result is a mild smoke with natural tobacco flavors, hints of honey, wine, and a sugary cane note. If you’re looking for quality and taste without breaking the bank, these cigars are an excellent choice . Additionally, if you prefer a lighter milder experience, the Indian Head Rough Rider Sweets Connecticit is also available.

  • Specifications

    Size :   Robusto 5 X 50

    Strength:    Med.  Sweet Tip

    Binder:   Dominican Criollo 98′

    Filler:  Dominican Piloto Cubano & Criollo 98

    Wrapper: Maduro 

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