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Oliva NUB Cameroon

Oliva NUB Cameroon


 Just the sweet spot. That was the tagline for the NUb concept when it first came out. It claimed that the cigar needed no time to warm up or develop, but was able to localize the most flavorful portion of a cigar and keep the smoker there from first draw to the last. Whether or not this concept is true is a matter of opinion, but we found the NUb Cameroon to burn cool, smoke well and deliver loads of nutty, earthy flavor. NUbs have successfully infiltrated the culture of premium cigars. Since the brand's debut in 2008, anytime a cigar is short and fat, smokers will casually refer to it as a nub, no matter the brand. They are made by Oliva Cigar Co. but marketed under Studio Tobac, which is the more creative, experimental arm of Oliva..


  • Specifications

    Body: Medium-Full

    Size: Gordo Corto

    Ring Gauge: 60

    Length:  4  

    Filler: Nicaragua

    Binder: Mexico

    Wrapper:  Brazil

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