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Ramon Allones Specialty Selected

Ramon Allones Specialty Selected


When it comes to Cuban cigars Ramon Allones isn't exactly a household name, as it's one of the smaller brands coming out of Cuba, but Habanophiles know it well. It's also a cigar that fans of more full-bodied tobacco tend to reach for, and the Specially Selected is probably the most recognized vitola in the Ramon Allones portfolio.   The Ramon Allones Specially Selected delivers.  of complex character     Each puff is layered with earthy espresso bean but notes of marzipan and citrus show the cigar's more sophisticated side.


This cigar scored a whopping 96 and came in as # 2 in 2015.

  • Specifications

    Body :  Full

    Length : 4 7/8"

    Ring :   50  

    Filler: Cuba

    Binder: Cuba

    Wrapper: Cuba

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